In this section of the website, you will find CriticalEarth outreach materials, including ‘science cartoons,’ Information sheets and videos. The materials are are freely available to download and use for educational or general purposes.

Over the course of the project, we shall provide links to our media releases, showcasing news stories and novel research findings from the project.

CriticalEarth lead researchers and PhD students explain the aims of the project
CriticalEarth PhD students explain their research projects

Check out our project videos to get a better idea of the aims and objectives of the CriticalEarth project, explained by the researchers who developed the programme, as well as the 15 PhD students working on solving the complex questions.

Climate tipping is a worrying concept. Assessing the risk of encountering climate tipping points due to anthropogenic global warming is one of the most urgent challenges in climate science today.

Our Information Sheets tells you about our CriticalEarth project partners and collaborators

Press Releases

AMOC Stabilization Under the Interaction With Tipping Polar Ice Sheets

If the ice sheet of West Antarctica breaks down, the result can be a stabilisation of the Atlantic ocean current system transporting warm water to the coasts of Western Europe. DATE: JANUARY 2023

CriticalEarth: Kick-start of a new generation of climate scientists

The study of critical transitions or tipping points in the Earth system involves increasingly complex mathematical techniques and understanding of the Earth system. CriticalEarth, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Innovative Training Network programme for young scientists, aims to prepare the next generation of climate scientists for this important task. The training of 15 PhD international students at 17 European research institutions begins this week, with a kick-off meeting in Denmark, hosted by Critical Earth partner the University of Copenhagen.