CriticalEarth presentation schedule for EGU24

Just like last year, CriticalEarth will again be well-represented at this year’s European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna from 15–19 April 2024. CriticalEarth PhD students will be giving 12 presentations (talks or posters) and convene one session (NP1.5 – The Climate Model Hierarchy). They will cover a broad range of topics across several of EGU’s programme groups, from applied mathematics to ocean and cryospheric sciences.

Mark your calendars, here is the schedule of the students’ presentations:

Monday (April 15)

Ignacio del Amo: Extreme value methods in dynamical systems of different complexity (NP1.5, Poster 16:15–18:00)
Paolo Bernuzzi: Early-Warning Signs for SPDEs under Boundary Noise (NP1.5, Poster 16:15–18:00)
Oisín Hamilton: The impact of model resolution on variability in a coupled land atmosphere model (NP1.5, Poster 16:15–18:00)
Clara Hummel: Spatial fluctuations of the Arctic sea ice border (NP1.5, Poster 16:15–18:00)
Jan Swierczek-Jereczek: FastIsostasy – An accelerated regional GIA model for coupled ice-sheet/solid-Earth simulations with laterally-variable solid-Earth structures (CR2.1, Presentation 17:15-17:25)

Tuesday (April 16)

Session NP1.5: The climate model hierarchy: Improving process understanding by bridging the gap between conceptual and earth system models (8:30–10:15)

Sacha Sinet: AMOC Stability amid Tipping Ice Sheets from Conceptual to Intermediate Complexity Models (NP1.5, Presentation 9:15-9:25)
Valérian Jacques-Dumas: Resilience of the AMOC (ITS4.1, Presentation 10:45-10:55)
Maya Ben Yami: Uncertainties too large to predict tipping times of major Earth system components (ITS4.3, Presentation 16:25–16:35)

Wednesday (April 17)

Raphael Roemer: Characterising Edge States: Measures on chaotic non-attracting invariant sets (NP1.1, Poster 10:45–12:30)
Reyk Börner: Oscillatory Melancholia state of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in an intermediate-complexity climate model (NP1.1, Presentation 17:20–17:30)

Thursday (April 18)

Oliver Mehling: The impact of Greenland ice sheet melt on the future North Atlantic ocean circulation (OS1.11, Presentation 17:30–17:40)

Friday (April 19)

Ryan Deeley: The increased likelihood of plankton community changes following marine heatwaves (OS1.10, Presentation 11:15–11:25)