CriticalEarth project well-represented at EGU 2023 by ESRs’ presentations

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Most CriticalEarth students presented their MSCA-ITN research at the European Geophysical Union General Assembly this Spring, in various sessions covering the following topics:

ESR1 Kolja Kypke: Poster presenter: Dependence of Early Warning Signals on Time Scale Separation (poster)

ESR2 Jade Ajagun Brauns: Investigating the dynamics of cusp bifurcations: A conceptual model for glacial-interglacial cycles (Poster)

ESR3 Maya Ben Yami: Uncertainties in critical slowing down indicators of observation-based fingerprints of the AMOC (presentation)

ESR4 Paolo Bernuzzi: Bifurcations and Early-Warning Signs for SPDEs (poster)

ESR5 Clara Hummel: Predictability of Dansgaard-Oeschger events in the Greenland ice core ensemble (presentation)

ESR7 Sacha Sinet: Cascading Transitions in the Weak and Strong Coupling Limit (presentation)

ESR8 Raphael Roemer: Fractal Dimension of nonattracting chaotic sets (poster)

ESR9 Ignacio del Amo: Escape by jumps and diffusion by ­ŁŤ╝-stable noise across the barrier in a double well potential (poster)

ESR10 Reyk B├Ârner: Limits of large deviation theory in predicting transition paths of climate tipping events (presentation)

ESR11 Oliver Mehling: Common mechanisms of centennial-scale AMOC variability in CMIP6 models (poster)

ESR12 Oisin Hamilton: Multistability in a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Reduced Order Model: Non-linear Temperature Equations (presentation)

ESR13 Alessandro Lovo: Interpretable probabilistic forecast of extreme heat waves (presentation)

ESR14 Jan Swierczek-Jereczek: A generalised Fourier collocation for fast computation of glacial isostatic adjustment (presentation)

Students participated in both poster and oral presentations, and an example of the work is below (Kolja Kypke).