CriticalEarth ESR Workshop 4: “Scaling analysis in the climate system” & Communications Training @ Dartington Hall
Dec 3 – Dec 8 all-day

Objective: Provide a thorough overview of the scaling results which have been found in the climate system and the possible mechanisms behind this behaviour.

Specific Themes: origins of scaling, power laws, multifractal scaling

Relevance: Guarantees that the ESRs have adequate knowledge of this new paradigm of climate variability and be able to connect the results to clear climate dynamical processes.

The programme will include the following:

  • Arrival Dinner – (Sunday evening, location TBC).
  • ESR workshop 4 (EW4)  “Scaling analysis in the climate system” (2 days) (Monday-Tuesday 4th and 5th December 2023)
  • David Trads –Communications Workshop (0.5 day) (Wednesday morning 6th December)
  • Social Activities/Excursion in local area (0.5 day) (Wednesday afternoon 6th December)

There will be a linked research workshop 3 (W3) “Early warning signals for critical transitions” (2 days) on Thurs-Friday 7th and 8th December; we will offer bus transfer to Exeter Thursday morning.

Workshop 3: EarlyWarning Signals for Critical Transitions @ University of Exeter, UK
Dec 7 – Dec 8 all-day

Details will follow when an agenda is available.