Feb 2023:CriticalEarth Winterschool & Conference on Critical Transitions in observed and simulated complex systems

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Location: Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Technical University of Munich, Garching. Germany

Date: 13th-24th Feb 2023

Meeting Agenda:

13-15 Feb: ESR workshop 2 “Methods of Stochastic Multiscale Dynamics” (Christian Kuehn)

16-17 Feb: Workshop 2 “Critical transitions in complex climate models” (Christian Kuehn)

18-19 Feb: Weekend Excursions to Alps/ Free time/collaborations 

20-21 Feb: ESR workshop 3 “Data analysis and observations” (Niklas Boers)

22-24 Feb: Joint TiPES & CriticalEarth Conference on Tipping in the Earth System (Niklas Boers)

Meeting agenda details will be updated here in due course.