Next Training Event: Utrecht 25-29 April 2022

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The next CriticalEarth training event will take place in the beautiful city of Utrecht, Holland. General details of the event can be found in the Grant Agreement. The event will consist of three parts: 

  1. SC1: Advanced Python course incl. machine learning (2.5 ECTS)  
  2. Workshop 2 (W2): “Methodology for simulating transitions and extremes in complex models” (open to a limited number of other ESRs). 
  3. SC2: Expert Course on Climate Time Series Analysis and Risk Analysis (2.5 ECTS)  
Course Information: 

SC1: Advanced computational techniques using Python

This course includes utilizing machine learning for computation, and use of UU and ESL.

Objective: Provide an introduction to modern computational techniques for stochastic dynamical (multiscale) systems, including data-based techniques, with substantial practice in Python. 

Specific themes: Advanced Python, Numerical bifurcation theory, Stochastic differential equations, Artificial Neural Networks, Reservoir Computing. 

Relevance: Guarantees that the ESRs will become fluent in Python and modern dynamical systems and data-based (machine learning) analysis methods 

SC2: Expert Course on Climate Time Series Analysis and Risk Analysis (CRA-Mudelsee) 

Objective: Provide expertise and methods on day-to-day climate data, convey an understanding of the statistical theory and numerical implementation, and communicate statistics as the language of uncertainty. 

Specific themes: Mathematical persistence models, bootstrap confidence intervals, Monte Carlo experiments, detection of climate extremes, nonstationary risk analysis. 

Relevance: ESRs become capable of applying data analysis focussed on advanced statistical tools in the analysis of climate data (observation and model).