CriticalEarth Kick-Off Meeting Oct 21

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The Kick-Off meeting will be held on 25-29th October 2021 in Denmark. Further details will be posted.

The meeting will be the first event in the CriticalEarth Training Program, and will see the network’s 15 PhD students (ESRs) come together for the first time to meet each other, as well as other CriticalEarth supervisors and our partners from other institutes. During the meeting the ESRs will learn more about the general scientific objectives of the ITN, as well as how their individual research projects will contribute to the objectives.

Workshop elements will focus on 1) Open Access, 2) Open Data, 3) Open Reproducible Research, 4) Open Science Evaluation, 5) Open Science Policies and 6) Open Science Tools. The course will equip the ESRs with a better understanding of what Open Science is, how it will affect their Open Science.
The tentative program of the Kick-off workshop is:

  • Introduction of all ESRs, supervisors, partners and the overall organization of CriticalEarth:
  • Scientific symposium: Keynotes by PIs in the project on central themes, round-table discussions between key partners and partner organisation representatives. 1st Supervisory Board meeting.
  • Introduction course (incl. Open Science best practises) for ESRs:
  • Supervision course: Qualifies ESR + supervisors for supervision process.
  • Network publication agreement formulated by the Supervisory Board.
  • The Secondment procedure.
  • Schedule of the network meetings, workshops and conferences. To ensure effective dissemination of results within the network, a series of annual Network Meetings and half-annual ESR & Supervisor Workshops will be arranged in rotation in the different countries of the partners as an integral part of the Network activities in WP8 and associated with the complementary training. At these meetings, ESRs will present their projects and results to the network and will get feedback from a network subgroup of supervisors.